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Created by: Mr. Vance, Mr. Nailor, Ms. E. Blain and Ms. D. Blain

Welcome to the Scarborough High School English Page! We are excited for you to enter this wiki! Here is where you will find a variety of assignments to accompany core classroom texts. Some of these tasks will be assigned to you, while others you will be able to chose the one that you want to complete. These assignments will cover everything from prereading to post reading activities. We have developed tasks which allow you show your knowledge in different ways. There are web quests, power points, creative pieces, essays... there is something for everyone! So let's GO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Navigating this page is simple- Just find the title of the novel that you are currently work with in class on the navigation bar to the left and click on it. You will be directed to that novel's home page and follow the directions from there. See it's easy!

Good Luck and Have Fun with each and every task that you may choose!

Mr. Vance, Mr. Nailor, Ms. E. Blain and Ms. D. Blain